Enterprise & Innovation Training 2017-18

The following opportunity is available to students outside the DTP in Environmental Research.

Enterprise & the Environment

8 – 12th January 2018 St Anne’s College, Oxford & 25th January School of Economic Science, London

This course draws from the Smith School’s strengths in environmental economics and policy, enterprise management and financial markets and investment. It will explore critical global environmental challenges in the 21st century through the combination of rigorous science and diverse stakeholder engagement. The course will provide a foundation for doctoral students in:

  • Fundamentals of economics, finance and corporate environmental management
  • Understanding of the structures, networks, and decision making processes in enterprise and the financial sector
  • The role of markets (finance, energy and water) in environmental decision making
  • How markets are evolving to integrate factors such as environment, society and governance
  • Financing the environment and conservation – valuation and integration
  • The challenges and opportunities associated with managing resources (water, energy etc.) infrastructure development using economics and finance tools
  • Establishing engagement, influencing policy and securing funding

The course will include 5 days of teaching in Oxford from 8-12 January and 1 day in London (for which transport will be provided) on 25 January to meet with professionals in the finance, corporate and government sectors. The benefits of attending the course are that it will:

  • Provide you with a level of knowledge on how business, economics and finance works and their relevance in the ‘hard sciences’
  • Enhance your ability to design research with consideration of business end users in enterprise and the financial sector
  • Enable you to form contacts with other researchers and business professionals with an interest in the outcomes of your research
  • Develop your understanding of the significance and potential impacts of making your research relevant and accessible to business. This includes providing the knowledge to develop engagement plans and networks in order for research to lead to action and policy change in the financial sector and within enterprises.

A £50 deposit is required to secure your attendance. This fee will be refunded upon your completion of the course.  To register please use one of the following links:

For Oxford students https://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/x/XSNaTK  or

For non Oxford participants https://goo.gl/forms/nkHoDnECT0fTRx7p1