College Partners

Oxford colleges add a huge amount to the student experience.  They can be seen as your "home" where your department is your "work".  They give pastoral, medical and welfare support to students and are always on hand to help.  Each student is provided with a college advisor who can be approached for guidance and mentoring, or if students encounter difficulties in other areas of the university.  Every college houses (both literally and figuratively) a community of students from a wide range of disciplines, providing meals, entertainment, education and support.  To those who are not used to the Oxbridge college system they can, on the outside, seem intimidating and grand.  The atmosphere in most colleges however is welcoming and friendly, and they are often much smaller in real life than they look in photographs which give them a cosier feeling than you might expect.  Colleges in Oxford are making huge strides in Environmental issues at the moment, and Equality and Inclusion has been an active area of development for much longer than you might think.


The colleges featured on this page are those who have engaged with and supported the DTP to such an extent that we count them as partners of the DTP.  The type of support they have provided to the programme, and to our students, includes scholarships, travel and support grants, use of college teaching space and facilities, secured accommodation, and ad hoc arrangements.  This support enables us to recruit at least two additional students each year over and above our NERC allocation, and makes it possible for us to deliver our training programme. We would like to acknowledge the generous support of these colleges and invite potential applicants to consider them when they apply.