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The world faces multiple environmental challenges. Can you help to find the solutions?


Our ambition is to provide a world-class training environment for research students across the breadth and at the frontiers of environmental research. We wish to recruit a cohort of talented and promising individuals, from a wide variety of backgrounds, and support them to work creatively with end-users to advance knowledge and find new solutions to leading environmental challenges. Partnerships and collaborations underpin the excellence of our programme. We are particularly keen to encourage applications from women, from candidates from minority ethnic backgrounds, and candidates from non-traditional educational backgrounds. Oxford is open to all, and we value and support diversity in our graduate student population.


The Oxford DTP in Environmental Research has a large cluster of research supervisors who are based in 9 departments in Oxford, and across our external research partners. Our research spans the breadth of the Natural Environment Research Council’s ‘Discovery Science’ remit. Our research is world-leading, and is often multi-disciplinary. To help to navigate the opportunities that are available across Oxford, we have clustered our programme under three broad Research Streams – but there are many overlaps, and intersections. Use the stream pages to explore the many and diverse research project ideas that our supervisors would like to develop; and we encourage you to use these ideas, or to develop your own, as you think about where your research might take you.

One major benefit of carrying out a PhD through a doctoral training partnership is the opportunity to develop projects in collaboration with partner organisations who can offer support in many areas, including identifying critical problems that need solutions, and access to facilities, equipment, people, data and collections of materials and samples.  Partner organisations may also be able provide financial assistance and co-supervision; and access to mentoring, work placements, the oportunity to work with organisations outside academia.  These partnership opportunities are mutually beneficial - and will be enriched by your energy and commitment to your field of research, your ideas and your discoveries.