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TBC provides expert advice on biodiversity and ecosystem services, focusing on practical solutions for managing risk and achieving positive conservation outcomes in large-scale development projects. We work with industry, finance, government, academia and civil society, bridging sectors to establish leading environmental performance and to deliver an ecologically sustainable basis for development. We collaborate widely with others, bringing practical experience to bear on conceptual development, and helping to develop capacity in the emerging field of biodiversity management. TBC works especially on methods and approaches for complex biodiversity challenges, such as achieving no net loss or net gain for biodiversity, designing and implementing effective biodiversity offsets policies, developing useful and practical biodiversity metrics, enabling biodiversity-positive investment and improving risk-based ecological impact assessment. We are interested in co-supervising research in any of these areas, including via CASE studentships, and in engagement via training courses, expert advice and work placements

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biodiversity and business, natural capital, biodiversity metrics, mitigation hierarchy, biodiversity offsets, ecosystem services, conservation finance