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The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is a recognized world leader in conservation research and management. It supports and conducts global conservation science, training of conservation professionals and public education, and practical conservation planning and policy. These goals are achieved through supporting an extensive in-house community of world-class conservation scientists and managers in its Institute of Zoology (IOZ) and Conservation Programmes (CP) departments, and through wider linkages with networks of conservation stakeholders involved with research, management and policy at the national level (e.g. DEFRA, DFID) and the international level (e.g. all major global conservation NGOs; IUCN; academic institutions and governmental bodies across the world). ZSL can provide academic co-supervision for PhD projects on a range of research questions addressing conservation issues and anthropogenic pressures on the environment; it can also provide CASE support, access to research facilities, data and study sites, fieldwork support, training courses in quantitative methods, and opportunities for engagement with the public both in the UK and abroad.

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Behavioural and Population Ecology, Biodiversity and Macroecology, Conservation, Historical Ecology, Molecular Ecology, Wildlife Epidemiology