National Centre for Atmospheric Science

About us

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) is a world leader in atmospheric science; it is one of the Natural Environment Research Council's (NERC) research centres. The Centre increases knowledge of key environmental issues including: climate change, weather processes and atmospheric composition including air quality. By its very nature, atmospheric science research is multi-disciplinary, bringing together scientists from a range of core disciplines such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. NCAS has a structure based on science directorates and technology divisions emphasising science applications, which naturally work across NCAS as a whole encouraging multi-disciplinary research and co-operation.

We carry out research programmes on:

The science of climate change, including modelling and predictions
Atmospheric composition, including air quality
Weather, including hazardous weather
Technologies for observing and modelling the atmosphere
Additionally, we provide scientific facilities for researchers right across the UK to enable excellent atmospheric science on a national scale. These include a world-leading research aircraft, a ground-based instrumentation pool, access to computer models and facilities for storing and accessing data. In a nutshell, we provide the UK academic community and the Natural Environment Research Council with national capability in atmospheric science.
We communicate our findings and knowledge for the benefit of policy-makers, other scientists and the general public.

NCAS is interested in providing training to DTP students, providing CASE studentships at FAAM or BADC. We would also potentially be able to work on providing access to facilities, models and data for relevant projects.

Contact information

School of Earth and Environment,
University of Leeds,


Research keywords

Weather, climate, atmospheric composition