National Centre for Earth Observation

About us

The National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) is a NERC Research Centre providing a critical mass of research experts in EO science. We have leading capabilities in high quality physical and mathematical EO algorithms, data assimilation into models, comparisons of EO data and models, processing and storage of data, remote sensing instruments and radiative transfer. We support instrument design, downstream market companies, and government policy through evidence. NCEO also provides a gateway to the specialised EO capabilities of the wider NERC community in academia and in other Research Centres working, such as the National Oceanography Centre (NOC).

The following topics could be covered in a DPhil project with the NCEO’s involvement

  • Data Assimilation Framework and Theory (Professor Peter Jan van Leeuwen, University of Reading)
  • Land Data Assimilation (Professor Mathew Williams, University of Edinburgh)
  • Ocean-Atmosphere Data Assimilation (Professor Keith Haines, University of Reading)
  • Atmosphere-Surface Data Assimilation (Professor Martyn Chipperfield, University of Leeds)
  • Terrestrial Carbon and Vegetation Modelling (Professor Phil Lewis, UCL)
  • Climate-Composition interactions (Dr Hartmut Boesch, University of Leicester)
  • Energy, flux and Water Cycle (Dr Helen Brindley, Imperial College London)
  • Integrated Climate Data-Model Systems (Professor Chris Merchant, University of Reading)
  • Remote Sensing Instruments (Professor Martin Wooster, King’s College London)
  • Data Facilities (Dr Victoria Bennett, STFC)
  • Earth Observation Rapid Response (Professor Martin Wooster, King’s College London)
  • Earth Observation Radiative Transfer (Dr Jeremy Harrison, University of Leicester [Atmosphere]; Dr Mathias Disney, UCL [Terrestrial]

NCEO has agreed to support the DTP by co-supervising projects and giving access to facilities and models.

Contact information

Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Leicester
University Road


Research keywords

Climate; Atmosphere; Data Assimilation; Land; Ocean; Water Cycle