The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

About us

The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) is a sustainable development think tank based in London but working in over 60 countries worldwide. We have four key research areas – human settlements, sustainable markets, climate change, and natural resources management (with many overlaps between these areas). The overarching objective of our work on biodiversity is to contribute to the equitable and sustainable conservation of nature and to find innovative solutions to biodiversity loss that do not undermine the livelihoods of the poor. To achieve this objective we work on three key themes:

·      Improving understanding of the social impacts of nature conservation and ensuring these are reflected in conservation policy and practice;

·      Building evidence for, and promoting the role of local communities in sustainable wildlife management and conservation.

·      Integrating biodiversity and ecosystem values into climate change, food security and development policies, plans and decision-making.

We are interested in co-supervising research under any of these three thematic areas and particularly in identifying doctoral studies that can be aligned with our mixed portfolio of on-going projects, which are highly varied in duration and funding

IIED is interested in supporting the DTP through co-supervision and CASE studentships.

Contact information

80-86 Gray's Inn Road,
London WC1X 8NH


Research keywords

Biodiversity, Community-led Conservation, Sustainable Development, Climate Change Adaptation