Coupled herbivory and species coexistence

The aim of this summer research experience placement would be build on ideas around how plant species coexist. The aim would be to extend a mathematical framework for investigating the role of coupled herbivory, delayed germination strategies and size:number trade-offs. 

Plant allocation descisions to reproduction follow two main strategies: produce many, small or a few large seeds. These life history decisions can allow species to coexist as they exist in differnet niches. However, the role of shared herbivory through apparent competition and germination delays may modulate/mitigate or alter patterns of coexistence. The aim of the project would be to unpick these ideas.

The REP project will develop experience in development and analysis of mathematical models. 


Number of students: 1

Pre-requisites: Some knowledge of a bit of calculus and/or programming might help, but just an interest in learning how to develop and analysis ecological models would be grand.

If interested please contact