When you are in receipt of a UKRI studentship, this covers your course fee, your stipend (living grant) and a Research and Training Support Grant (RTSG).  DTP students also have their college fee covered by a university source (usually a college or the DTP). The DTP pays for tuition and college fees on behalf of students and so students should never be invoiced directly for these fees by their college.  In 2023-24 a NERC DTP student at Oxford can expect to have the following covered:


University Course Fee (Tuition fee & College fee) - £8960

Tax free stipend - £18,622

RTSG - £8000 (a single grant, not an annual amount)


DTP students are paid quarterly by direct bank transfer into their bank accounts in October, December April and July.  Payments usually come on the 1st of the month apart from December when they are paid just before Christmas for the January-March quarter.  Where 1st of the month does not fall on a Wednesday (payment day) the payment will be made on the Wednesday before.

We collect bank details via an online form before students arrive in their first year, and we raise the first payment in advance so that there is no delay.  

International students need to have a UK or online bank account, however in certain circumstances we can make the initial payment into an overseas account if it's not possible to set up an account before arrival, or to wait until the account has been set up after arrival.  In this case you contact the programme manager.

Further information for international students is available here

Students funded by Oxford University scholarships (e.g. Clarendon & Oxford-Radcliffe) tend to be paid termly.  This means that the scholarship is paid three times per year, in October, January and May.  This means budgeting is essential to get you through the summer months.  Term 3, Trinity Term, is effectivly six months long, so payments to scholarship students are front-loaded into the first 9 months of the year leading to a lean gap in the summer.


Here are some additional tips for managing student finances from Money Saving Expert