Keble College

Keble is one of the larger colleges and it has core strengths across the physical, life, environmental, and medical sciences. The graduate community has recently grown to over 400 students, made possible by the opening of a purpose-built graduate centre, the H B Allen Centre, in 2018. Providing accommodation, social and teaching spaces, it’s designed to realise the College’s ambitions for inter-disciplinary exchange and learning. The Academic Director runs a programme of activities for graduates, often involving two of the Centre’s resident organisations, the Oxford Robotics Institute and Oxford Sciences Innovation; ORI has a particular interest in mobile robotics. Graduates are encouraged to develop their own events and they can also benefit from the travel and study awards provided by the Keble Association. The fellowship is strong in engineering science, chemistry, mathematics and computing, zoology, archaeology, geography and climate science. Keble welcomes the University’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The College is looking into how it can build on its progress in recycling, waste reduction and procurement. There’s a push towards improving conditions for wildlife throughout the College grounds, through swift boxes, hedgehog igloos, bug houses, wildflower borders, and other features. More information about the College can be found at

The college offers the following support to the DTP and its students


Travel/book grants

Access to Teaching Space