Adam Lindholm

Academic Profile

2023- MSc in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford
2022- Awarded Scholarship by the University of Oxford
2021- Awarded Exhibition by the University of Oxford
2018-21 worked in the paleontology department of the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons, MD, USA

Current Research

My research project will be examining the body size distribution of amniotes through geologic time. Specifically, it will focus on (1) how the body size distributions have varied for different major amniote groups (i.e. dinosaurs, synapsids, mammals, etc.) and what the drivers of the distribution shape are with regards to both phylogeny and ecology, and (2) how species diversity in different body size bins for major amniote groups has changed through geologic time.


• Lindholm, A., Godfrey, S. J., Ward, L. W., and Collareta, A. (2023): A Gar-Bitten Coprolite from the Neogene of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, U.S.A., and a New Ichnospecies of Machichnus Mikuláš, Kadlecová, Fejfar & Dvorák, 2006. Ichnos, v. 29, n. 3-4, pp. 185-194.• Wallaard, J. J. W., Fraaije, R. H. B., Van Bakel, B. W. M., Nance, J. R., Lindholm, A., and Jagt, J. W. M. (2023). New hermit crab species (Anomura, Paguroidea) from the upper Miocene St. Mary’s Formation of Maryland (USA), preserved in their shells. Zootaxa, v. 5227, n. 3, pp. 389-397.

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