Alice Edney

Academic Profile

I completed my undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences (Biological) at the University of Cambridge (2016 - 2019). In my final year, I received the Churchill College Bhagwati Prize for my performance in Part II Biological Sciences of the Natural Sciences Tripos. I then went on to undertake an MSc by Research at the University of Gloucestershire (2019 - 2020) on the ‘Development of time-lapse photography for the population monitoring of a colonial seabird’. I was awarded a studentship by the University of Gloucestershire Environmental Dynamics and Governance (EDG) research priority area to fund this research.

Current Research

I am primarily interested in seabird ecology and conservation and the use of novel technologies to improve understanding of the factors affecting threatened species. I am also interested in the power of citizen science to help answer important scientific questions. Currently, my research uses time-lapse imagery to investigate variables influencing Black-legged Kittiwake ecology and demography, including phenology and breeding success, across large spatial and temporal scales. This is possible due to the palearctic camera network developed by the citizen science project, Seabird Watch (