Aman Majid

Academic Profile

I graduated with a Masters (MEng) degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2016. I am interested in understanding how we can better incorporate environmental issues into engineering design and planning.

Awards and Grants
- CASE Studentship, EDF Energy (Oxford, 2016-20)
- Natural Environmental Research Council Studentship (Oxford, 2016-20)
- The Siddall Prize for Academic and Personal Achievement (Sheffield, 2016)
- Santander Graduate Prize (Sheffield, 2016)
- Best Summer Research Student (Sheffield, 2015)
- Harley Scholarship (Sheffield, 2015)
- Undergraduate Research Fellowship (Sheffield, 2015)

Current Research

My current research focuses on meeting future water demands in the UK whilst simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, I am exploring the optimal integration of sustainable energy technologies into water utilities' process operations. This work will be used to inform water resources and infrastructure planning. Future work will explore the interconnectivity between the energy and water industries through a coupled-systems analysis, which will facilitate cross-sectoral decision-making.

This work is part of the ITRC-MISTRAL project ( and is supervised by Prof. Jim Hall (Environmental Change Institute), Dr Rene Banares-Alcantara (Engineering Science), and Anes Dallagi (EDF Energy).


Majid, A., Martin, M.V., Lamsal, L.N. and Duncan, B.N., 2017. A decade of changes in nitrogen oxides over regions of oil and natural gas activity in the United States. Elem Sci Anth, 5.

Contact information