Amber L. Madden-Nadeau

Academic Profile

An igneous petrologist and volcanologist interested in using mineral chemistry to deduce conditions within magma chambers prior to eruption. Undergraduate MSci completed in Geology at Imperial College London, and MSci project completed in conjuction with The Natural History Museum focussing on linking the ;magma chamber processes and eruptive dynamics of the 14,000 year BP eruption of Popocatepetl, Mexico. Also completing research looking at the degassing of ignimbrites in Sardinia. Won the Clement Le Neve Foster prize for the contribution to mineralogy at Imperial College London. Contributed rock descriptions to the Imperial College Rock Library.

Current Research

Proprosed D.Phil project currently involves conducting microanalysis on Krakatoa 1883 samples in order to attempt to investigate magma chamber processes. In addition, interested in using experimental petrology to constrain pressure and temperature estimates to use in diffusion chronology models, in order to investigate the timescales magma chamber processes operate over.


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