Amy Styring

Research Interests

Stable isotopic analysis of preserved organic remains can be used to reconstruct past human and animal diets, revealing insights into how people have impacted the environment over past millennia. Such insights can in turn inform recommendations relating to the long-term sustainability and resilience of present-day land management practices.

Potential topics for a DPhil project include: refining approaches to reconstructing past diet, in particular elucidating the importance of wild plant resources; tracing past land use practices using a combination of isotope proxies; reconstructing the importance of woodlands in animal management in the past.

We have facilities to determine stable carbon and nitrogen isotope values of organic materials (i.e. plant remains, sediments, animal and human bones) and stable carbon and nitrogen isotope values of individual molecules like fatty acids and amino acids.

Experience & Qualifications

PhD in Chemistry from University of Bristol; 4 years teaching and supervisory experience at University of Oxford


Personal Research Keywords

isotope geochemistry, palaeoenvironment, subsistence, land use, agriculture, archaeology