Ana Pagu

Academic Profile

I graduated from a MEarthSci in the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford in 2018. My Masters’ project involved testing tomographic proxies for the presence of post-perovskite at the core-mantle boundary, using seismology and geodynamics.

Awards & Scholarships

St. Edmund Hall Open Scholarship (2016-2018)

St. Edmund Hall Progress Prize (2016)

Overall Best Performance in Second year (2016)

BP Achievement Award (2014-2018)

Current Research

In my current research, I use meteorite palaeomagnetism to learn about the accretion and differentiation of planetesimals in the early Solar System. I am interested in magnetic field generation in small bodies and ways to relate it to the evolution of Earth’s own magnetic field, with applications to outer core dynamics and the timing and mechanism of inner core growth. I am also interested in comparative planetology, in particular planetary tectonics and planetary magnetism.


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