Andy Hector

Research Interests

PROBLEM: What is the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning and how can biodiversity be harnessed for ecosystem recovery and nature recovery?
PROJECTS & PLATFORMS: Sabah Biodiversity Experiment (tropical forest biodiversity, functioning and restoration; NERC grant 2023-2026); Drought-Net Rainfall and drought platform (long-term rainfall manipulation experiment, Oxford, Wytham); Leverhulme Centre for Nature Recovery projects (Wytham; Carbon Community; portfolio of Nature Recovery projects throughout the UK).
TOPICS: Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning relationships; Key ecological challenges for Nature Recovery; Climate change impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems.
APPROACHES: Experiments; Long-term observations; Statistical modelling; Remote sensing

Qualifications and Experience

PhD (1995) with >20 years of teaching and supervisory experience (ecology, environmental science, statistics) at the Universities of Oxford and Zurich covering all levels: undergraduate, MSc, PhD (21), PDRA, ERC.

Personal Research Keywords

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, Nature recovery, Restoration, Climate change impacts, Coexistence, Ecological statistics