Andy Hector

Research Interests

Biodiversity is being lost and homogenized - how will this affect the stability and functioning of ecosystems and the provision of ecological services? I currently work on this topic mainly in grassland (the Raindrop project at Wytham Woods) and forest ecosystems. I am scientific leader of the Sabah Biodiversity Experiment in Borneo where we examine the impact of enrichment tree planting on forest regeneration after logging, in particular the role of tree biodiversity. I am currently interested in supervising PhD projects on the role of biodiversity in ecosystem functioning and stability. Both Sabah Biodiversity Experiment and the Wytham Raindrop platform provide established research projects that address these issues and provide study systems with many advantages (infrastructure, long-term data etc.). I am currently working with collaborators both within and outside academia to combine field and remote sensing approaches to address the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning and stability.

Qualifications and Experience

BSc., DIC, PhD

Personal Research Keywords

biodiversity, ecosystem services, stability, global change, community ecology, tropical rain forest