April J Burt

Academic Profile

April has joined the DTP after spending the past eight years in conservation management and research positions in the western Indian Ocean region, including working in senior scientific roles for GVI Seychelles, Nature Seychelles and lastly as the scientific coordinator for Aldabra atoll, a marine UNESCO world heritage site. April was responsible for managing the research team on Aldabra; maintaining the data quality of a broad monitoring programme. April holds a degree in marine biology, is a qualified divemaster, and certified bird ringer. She has authored or co-authored several scientific publications and is specialised in both marine and terrestrial tropical habitat monitoring and conservation. One of April’s goals is to ensure effective management of biodiversity adaptively, enabling data to be used to its full potential.

Current Research

Ensuring effective conservation management: A solid scientific based adaptive management strategy for a complex multi-faceted biodiversity hotspot.


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