Ben Fernando

Academic Profile


PhD student, St Edmund Hall College Oxford (2016-2020)
MSci Physics, Imperial College London (2012-16, First Class Honours)
Planetary Exploration Summer School, Swedish Institute of Space Physics (2016, Pass with distinction)


  • AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award (2020)
  • ARCHER (UK National Supercomputer) Data Visualisation Competition - Winner (2020)
  • Best Abstract, Oxford Computer Science Conference (2019)
  • Principal’s Scholar, St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford (2019)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Oxford University Division of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Equality Awards (2019)
  • Simonian Award for Leadership, St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford (2019)
  • Royal College of Science Union Science Challenge - Winner, 2016
  • Airbus Space & Defence Presentation Competition - Second Place, 2016
  • Tectonics Study Group Conference - Honourable mention (best talk) 2016
  • CREST Gold Award - 2012
  • Harvard University Book Prize - 2012
  • BBC Radio 4 So you want to be a Scientist? Competition - Finalist, 2010



  • Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, 2016: comparing seeds flown in space onboard the ISS to terrestrial seeds. Supported by the RHS, ESA, IOP and UKSA.
  • Imperial Festival, 2015: exhibiting the Imperial College CubeSatellite project.
  • Astronomy Photographer of the Year, 2009: honourable mention, including exhibition at the Royal Observatory and publication by the BBC.
  • Sharman 25 Celebration, Science Museum (2016)
  • Summer Science Exhibition, Royal Society: lead on Imperial Space Seeds (2016)
  • Today’s Makers - London, Science City Gallery, Science Museum: consultant (2018-)


Current Research

I work on adapting methods from terrestrial seismology to understand the oscillations of stars, including our Sun. The aim is to better understand the way in which stars behave and evolve.


  • Sowing Seeds from Space, Fernando, B.; Wade, J.; Tazi, K.: Astronomy and Geophysics,
    2016 57 (5): 5.11, doi:10.1093/astrogeo/atw176
  • Planning our First Interstellar Journey, Fernando, B; Astronomy and Geophysics, 2016 58 (1): 1.28-1.30,