Ben Igielman

Academic Profile

I am interested in Vertebrate Palaeontology. In particular, my research focusses on the evolution of early terrestrial vertebrates. Between 2015 and 2018, I carried out an undergraduate degree at Jesus College, University of Cambridge, in Natural Sciences. This allowed me to study a mixture of biological and geological modules, and ultimately I specialised in Zoology. From 2018 to 2019, I carried out an MPhil in the Zoology Department, University of Cambridge, with Dr. Jason Head entitled "Sternal anatomy in limbed and snake-like squamates; implications for evolutionary developmental mode and mechanisms in body elongation."

Awards: St Cross Scholarship, 2019 - Present

Current Research

My research project focusses on the phylogeny of early terrestrial vertebrates. In particular, I utilise micro-CT scans of a select number of taxa to improve our understanding of the anatomy of these animals. I then use this improved anatomical understanding to re-analyse the phylogenetic relationships of early terrestrial vertebrates.


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