Ben Johnson

Academic Profile

2015-2019: MSci Natural Sciences University of Cambridge

2018: Masters Research project: “Determining the thermal state of the Mw 8.2 2017 Tehuantepec Earthquake” Supervisors: Prof. James Jackson, Dr Alex Copley

Current Research

I am interested in earthquakes, and the rules that govern where they happen. These rules are challenging to understand in the continents, as deformation is distributed across a wide network of faults, any one of which may break in an earthquake.

My research focuses on the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan, where I will use geology, geomorphology and seismology to examine the earthquake history and long term slip rate of faults in this area. Combining this with pre-existing geodetic data, I will characterise the current deformation in the Pamir, and examine how it relates to geologic structures and forces.


Publications to follow