Brooke Johnson

Academic Profile

After many years as an amateur geologist, I completed my BSc in geology at Birkbeck College with First Class honours in 2015.

My thesis project investigated the sedimentology and palaeontology of environmental change in the early Jurassic of North Yorkshire. Using high detail logging I was able develop new insights in the dynamics of anoxic events in restricted marine basins, a paper of my findings is currently being prepared.

Current Research

My primary research interests are in understanding the relationships between environmental change and biotic radiations and extinctions. I am especially interested in the links between changes in Neoproterozoic and early Palaeozoic environments and major bursts of biotic innovation such the rise of the Ediacarans and the Cambrian explosion and the GOBE.

My approach is multidisciplinary and includes aspects of sedimentary geology, geochemistry, paleoecology, biology, oceanography and climatology. I strongly believe that a multidisciplinary approach is the best way to unravel the questions posed by environmental research in deep time.



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