Carlota Segura-Garcia

Academic Profile

I have a degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona (2015) and an MSc in Complex Systems Modelling in King’s College London (2016). In my master’s degree I learned a range of mathematical techniques applicable to a variety of disciplines and real systems. I am now excited to use my skills doing research in ecology. In the past, I worked in the humanitarian aid sector as a Statistics and Data Analysis intern in UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Then, I delved into economy working as an analyst in a Land-Use and Transport Interactions modelling consultancy, David Simmonds. I am also passionate about education and have worked as a teaching assistant for the BSc of Mathematics in King’s College London.

Current Research

I am interested in understanding the effects of human land uses on the functioning of ecosystems. In my PhD, I am going to research the fire regimes of the Brazilian savannahs in the context of large-scale agricultural expansion and climate change. I am also particularly interested in understanding how these interactions between fire dynamics and human activities affect the capacity of these ecosystems to react to extreme events like droughts and heatwaves.


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Contact information

Twitter Account: @CarlotaSegura_