Ceri Watkins

Academic Profile

Ceri graduated from University of Gloucestershire in 2010 with a BSc in Biology and Environmental Science. After working for a few years as a GIS technician, Ceri returned to University in 2014 to undertake a Masters in Entomology at Harper Adams with a scholarship from the Royal Entomological Society. On graduation, she gained a distinction and secured a 15 month position at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History to research the saproxylic (dead wood) beetle fauna of Wytham Woods.

She is a founder member of the Dung beetle UK Mapping Project (DUMP), carrying out target species surveys, provides identification training, verifies identifications in museum collections and engages the public in all things ‘dung’. In 2016, Ceri was awarded a British Ecological Society outreach grant to launch the Dung Beetle Detectives Roadshow, providing outreach education at a variety of events across the country.

Current Research

The proposed research project is yet to be agreed but Ceri's main interests reside within terrestrial entomology and conservation with a strong focus on the use of applied ecology to inform policy and practice.  Dung beetles are a focal taxon as they provide a model system, are important providers of a range of ecosystem services, display varied life histories and are heavily impacted by anthropogenic pressure.

Biogeography, macroecology and how species interact with and adapt to their environment are also areas of interest.


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