Christopher Bronk Ramsey

Research Interests

I am interested in cross-disciplinary approaches to using the study of past environments and human activity to improve our understanding and help better plan for the future.

My main research has been in the use of chronological approaches to better understand the rates and relative timing of past changes. I currently chair the IntCal group which makes use of archives of radiocarbon to provide a chronological framework for studies across multiple disciplines. Part of this work includes the development of the OxCal software package.

As part of the IntCal group and in conjunction with a number of other research collaborations I also work on new approaches to data science and the integration of data with software and data analysis tools.

Originally a Physicist but now working in Archaeological Science, I am interested in working with students who wish to work across subject areas.


Experience & Qualifications

DPhil, University of Oxford, Physics

Professor in Archaeological Science since 2006


Personal Research Keywords

environmental change, palaeoclimate records, global synchronism, modelling, chronology, archaeology