Dan Gittins

Academic Profile

I studied for an integrated Master’s in Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford between 2015-2019. In my final year I studied the waveguide effect using hydrated faults within the upper crust of the subducting plate beneath Costa Rica/Nicaragua.

I undertook an internship with the International Seismological Centre (ISC) where I spent time picking depth phases for the 2007 Mexico Earthquake and its aftershock sequence.

Current Research

Studying the physical processes that cause surface creep along large strike-slip faults in the United States and Turkey. To do this I am using data from multiple sources including creepmeters, strain meters and time-lapse cameras. By combining these data sources I hope to determine how much of the fault is moving in creep events (bursts of slip) and the physical processes controlling surface creep.

Contact information

Earth Sciences

orchid ID 0000-0003-3687-6883

Twitter: @Tees_Seis