Diana Avadanii

Academic Profile

I graduated from a MEarthSci in the Department of Earth Science, Oxford in 2017. My 4th year project focused on a new application of High-Angular Resolution Electron Back Scatter Diffraction (HR-EBSD). I mapped elastic stress fields around geological inclusions in order to explore a new geobarometer.

Current Research

My main interest lies within rock rheology and mineral physics. I am interested in how mechanical and microstructural properties of Earth Materials scale upwards and influence large scale geodynamic processes. I am particularly interested in the rheology of the upper mantle, and the mechanical properties of its main constituent: olivine! I am also really interested in how olivine and pyroxene deform together and how that microstructure might evolve with time. I am adapting materials science techniques in order to investigate fundamental mechanical properties of olivine and pyroxene at a higher resolution.


Publications to follow

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