Diogo Veríssimo

Research Interests

My research focuses on understanding and influencing human behaviors that are relevant to conserving biodiversity. My research encompasses topics as distinct as consumer research on consumers of illegal wildlife products, impact evaluation of documentaries and video games and the design of behaviour change interventions to deal with challenges such as human-wildlife conflict. I am interdisciplinary with an emphasis on the behavioral sciences, using use a range of quantitative and qualitative methods from disciplines. I take the professional and personal development of DPhill students seriously and believe this process has to above all create professionals capable to tackle the big challenges of our times.


Qualifications and Experience

PhD in Biodiversity Management, more than 100 academic articles published, 15 years of experience in conservation non-profit sector. Supervised 5 PhD Students and 10 Masters.

Personal Research Keywords

Biodiversity Conservation, Social Science, Behavior Change, Social Marketing, Impact evaluation, Outreach