Elsa Field

Summary of D.Phil/MSc research

Impacts of tree diversity and drought on forest resilience to pathogens.

Current Research/employment

The Glastonbury Goddess Temple is a not-for-profit social enterprise working to bring Goddess alive in Her World. I am one of the legal Temple Directors and I am also a paid employee working as an online content coordinator / events and marketing coordinator for the Goddess Temple. I also co-manage the running of the Temple facilities and buildings.

Was your D.Phil relevant to what you are doing now?

My D.Phil and associated internship gave me the self-motivated mindset and experience in project management to successfully move into the non-profit sector and also launch my own online music business. I am very grateful for the lessons learnt!


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Field, E., Castagneyrol, B., Gibbs, M., Jactel, H., Barsoum, N., Schönrogge, K. and Hector, A., 2020. Associational resistance to both insect and pathogen damage in mixed forests is modulated by tree neighbour identity and drought. Journal of Ecology. (in press)

Field, E., Schönrogge, K., Barsoum, N., Hector, A., & Gibbs, M. (2019). Individual tree traits shape insect and disease damage on oak in a climate‐matching tree diversity experiment. Ecology and Evolution 9 (15): 8524–8540.

Bebber, D., Field, E., Mortimer, P., Heng, G., Holmes, T. & Gurr, S. (2019). Many unreported crop pests and pathogens are probably already present. Global Change Biology 25: 2703–2713.

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