Felix Hofmann

Research Interests

Detailed knowledge of the physical and mechanical properties of materials, and how they change as a function of composition, structure, defects, pressure, temperature etc. is key to understanding the long-term evolution of man-made and natural systems. My group uses X-ray diffraction and electron-microscopy to study the nano-scale structure of materials, and laser induced transient grating spectroscopy and multi-scale mechanics approaches to probe their properties. These experiments are combined with atomistic calculations to gain mechanistic insight into the origins of material properties. Possible D.Phil topics could focus on the pressure and temperature dependence of the seismic (elastic) properties of Earth materials, or the use of advanced characterisation techniques to understand environment-induced changes in natural materials.


Qualification and experiences

Solid Mechanics and materials lecturing and examining across the Engineering undergraduate course Tutorial teaching (Maths, Mechanics, Materials, Structures) in year 1 & 2 of Engineering undergraduate course 7 D.Phil students & 5 Post-docs 3rd and 4th year undergraduate project supervision


Personal Research Keywords

X-ray imaging, Crystal defects, Material properties, Elastic properties, Thermal transport, Seismic properties