Fraser Goldsworth

Academic Profile

I graduated from Imperial College London in Summer 2018 with a master’s degree in physics. My final year project focussed on the sensitivity of Ocean carbon cycle models to the boundary conditions prescribed to them. During my time there I also worked on a summer project looking at links between the properties of ship tracks and the pollutants emitted by the vessels causing them, and a project looking at how different modes of transport affect the exposure of commuters to air pollution.

Current Research

I don’t yet have a detailed research proposal/plan however intend to work on the Oceanic cross equatorial flow problem. This will look at how water in the Ocean whose potential vorticity (PV) is dominated by planetary vorticity is able to cross the equator. In the Northern hemisphere the planetary PV is positive and the Southern it is negative. The problem arises as in the absence of friction and dissipation PV is conserved so it cannot change sign. The project will likely start with some idealised modelling looking at how the PV of water parcels changes as it crosses the equator.


Gryspeerdt, E., Smith, T.W., O'Keeffe, E., Christensen, M.W. and Goldsworth, F.W., 2019. The impact of ship emission controls recorded by cloud properties. Geophysical Research Letters46(21), pp.12547-12555.

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