Giles Wiggs

Research Interests

Giles is a desert geomorphologist specialising in the physical processes controlling wind erosion and sediment dynamics. His work focuses on data collection in the field to inform model development of landscape response to changing environmental controls, both human and natural, at a range of scales. Current projects encompass identifying and measuring dust emission ‘hot spots’ in southern Africa, complex modelling of the impact of vegetation change on sand dune system response, sand dune dynamics and turbulent airflow, assessing fertilisation of oceans by desert dust, and managing wind erosion from agricultural systems. His work utilises state-of-the-art field measurement techniques and often includes collaboration with climate scientists, physicists, and engineers. DPhil projects are co-developed with students but may include any component of the interaction between landscape and atmospheric systems in desert environments.

Experience & Qualifications

PhD Geography (University College London)

Lecturing 12 years at Sheffield University; 15 years at Oxford University; Fellow at Brasenose College Oxford

Personal Research Keywords

desert geomorphology, sand dunes, aeolian dust, wind erosion, landscape dynamics, climate change