Greger Larson

Research Interests

Despite decades of research, there is a still a great deal we do not know about the origins and evolution of domesticated plants and animals. Luckily, the advent of high throughput sequencing and high resolution morphological methodologies are allowing for the generation of datasets at different levels of biological organisation to address fundamental questions related to domestication, human and organismal dispersal as well as questions related to the bifurcating and reticulate evolution of life on earth. The student will be part of a research group that is applying these techniques to a wide range of organisms in an effort to ask and answer big questions. Specific DPhil projects will be developed in discussions between the PI and the student, and will likely entail either next generation sequencing of ancient DNA, bioinformatic analytic tools, or both.


Personal Research Keywords

Phylogeography, Domestication, Genomics, Evolution, Speciation, Dispersal