Harri Ravenscroft

Academic Profile

Recent work and study: Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford, 2020-2021 - Undertook an extensive literature review relating to biogeographical patterns in the Caribbean and Central American zone from the Late Mesozoic to the present. - Clarified the relative roles of biotic distribution theories and addressing their impact on extinct and extant assemblages. - Assessed the case for an identifiable Late Mesozoic biota associated with subaerial, proto-Antillean terrane fragments. University of Oxford, 2016-2020 MEarthSci, Dept. of Earth Sciences - Awarded a 1st class degree in Earth Sciences. - Completed integrated master’s thesis “Variations in predation intensity by facies, taxa and ontogenetic stage” supervised by Professor Erin Saupe and collaborating with Jon Todd (Natural History Museum, London). Awards: - The Palaeontological Association Prize (2020) for highest mark in finals palaeontology. - Exeter College, Oxford, Fitzgerald Prize for achieving a 1st in final year exams. - University of Oxford Gibbs Prize for the best third year mapping project. - East Exhibition scholarships from Exeter College, Oxford, for excellent performance in first- and third-year examinations.

Current Research

My research will utilise diverse data sources to address conservation challenges for endangered terrestrial fauna in overlooked geographic regions. The proposed work is crucial for addressing key questions regarding effective conservation strategies to protect Earth’s most at-risk biota. These questions include whether reintroduction of a species into its prior range is viable, considering both the modern fitness capacity of the species in the setting, and the impact it would have on community structures now in place. Furthermore, I will seek to address whether protected areas (such as nature reserves) should be more dynamic in response to continued degradation of suitable habitat.


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