Heidi C. Hauffe

Research Interests

One of the ultimate goals of conservation biology is to provide the scientific basis for interventions to halt population decline. Using wild rodent models, the Conservation Genetics Unit at FEM tries to answer fundamental questions, such as the role of microbiota in host health, genomic diversity in population dynamics, and hybrid zones in speciation. We also develop and apply genomic and metagenomic tools to specific animal conservation issues, from fish to birds to large carnivores. We are particularly specialized in the analysis of non-invasive samples, such as feathers and fecal pellets. Students are invited to present their own full-length project, but are also welcome for training within ongoing projects where they can actively collaborate in experimental design, field work and/or laboratory and bioinformatics analysis, collecting samples here, or bringing their own.

Personal Research Keywords

animal conservation; alpine biodiversity; microbiota; metataxonomics; population genomics; speciation