Ian Hewitt

Research Interests

The Cryosphere represents a major component of the Earth’s climate system.  We are interested in both the response to changing climate, which underlies sea-level rise and water resource issues, and the feedbacks the cryosphere has on the rest of the climate system, most famously through the albedo feedback.  Current research includes investigations into the dynamics of ice sheets - how quickly they move and disintegrate - and understanding how fast melting increases in response to climate and ocean warming.  A specific project could be defined through discussion, but there are potential projects in any of these areas, as well as in studying the long-term role of ice in the Earth’s hydrological and chemical cycles, in abrupt climate change, and in landscape evolution.  The project would likely involve mathematical/theoretical modelling, and computing, perhaps combined with satellite image analysis and/or analogue experiments.


Personal Research Keywords

Mathematical modelling, Fluid Dynamics, Ice Sheets, Hydrology, Porous media, Erosion