Jennifer Chennells

Academic Profile

I completed an MBiol (Hons) at Newcastle University with a first class degree where I undertook two research projects. My first project focussed on the effects of stress on neonicotinoid pesticide consumption by bumblebees and my second project used bumblebees as a model to study nicotine addiction. As a research assistant and then lab technician in Professor Geraldine Wright’s Oxford Bee Lab, I studied honeybee nutrient regulation, working with collaborators at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, to investigate the fate of dietary lipids and the way in which bees modify their feeding behaviour to meet their lipid requirements.

Additionally, I am interested in conservation, having worked for a rainforest and gorilla conservation charity since 2016, as project manager and science communicator. I organised fundraising events and coordinated with global organisations to implement conservation and humanitarian projects.

Current Research


Stabler D, Al-Esawy M, Chennells J A, Perri G, Robinson A, & Wright G A (2021). Regulation of dietary intake of protein and lipid by nurse-age adult worker honeybees. Journal of Experimental Biology, 224(3).

Contact information

ORCID: 0000-0002-3876-6461