Joseph Poore

Academic Profile

I am interested in furthering our understanding of the environmental impact of agriculture, and in building policy and consumer interventions to mitigate this impact. I graduated with an MA and MPhil in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge, where I now run their annual Denman Lecture series. Following this I worked for 4 years at a leading strategy consultancy on projects addressing resource allocation, profitability, growth, and risk.

Current Research

I am using remote sensing to identify abandoned farmland and natural ecosystem regeneration. I will use this information to inform conservation action


Poore, al. (2020). HESTIA: Using Life Cycle Assessment to structure, store, and deliver the world’s agri-environmental data. LCA Food 2020. Conference Paper.

Springmann, M., Spajic, L., Clark, M., Poore, al. (2020). The healthiness and sustainability of national and global food based dietary guidelines: modelling study. BMJ. 370.

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