Kitty Attwood

Academic Profile

I graduated with a BA in Geography from the University of Oxford in 2022, receiving the Met Office Academic Partnership Award for my dissertation on the Kalahari heat low in southern Africa. I was also awarded the University of Oxford Innovation Award for my internship at Brazil's National Institute for Space Research (INPE), where I analysed precipitation intensity in high resolution climate model simulations over southeast Brazil. I am part of the Oxford Climate Research Lab in the School of Geography and the Environment, with whom I have worked in Zambia as a fieldwork assistant on the DRY-CAB campaign to understand rainfall onset over southern Africa.  


Since starting my DPhil I have been a co-investigator on the KAPEX field campaign in South Africa ( and a field scientist on the MASIKA (REACH) project in Kenya.

Current Research

Scale-interaction of convection and its role in key African meteorological processes using novel observations and model simulations.


Attwood, K., Washington, R. and Munday, C. (2024) ‘The Southern African Heat Low: Structure, Seasonal and Diurnal Variability, and Climatological Trends’, Journal of Climate, 37(10), pp. 3037–3053. Available at:

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