Kyra Cutler

Academic Profile

2016-2020: MSci Geology, University of Birmingham (First Class Honours)

My MSci research project focused on constraining the trigger for the December 2018 lateral collapse of Anak Krakatau, Indonesia. I also looked at defining the effects of sudden unloading on subsequent magma ascent processes through integrating physical, textural and geochemical approaches.

2019: I did a summer internship with the Lunar and Planetary Institute. My project involved undertaking high-temperature oxidation experiments of terrestrial pyroxene and basalt at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre. The oxidised products were then used as analogues for weathering on the surface of Venus, enabling the ages of lava flows to be constrained.


-Head of School’s Prize (2020), University of Birmingham

-Panton Geological Prize (2019), University of Birmingham

-Micropaleontological Society Student Award (2018), Micropaleontological Society

-Holloway Award (2018), Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group

Current Research

More information will be coming soon


Cutler, K.S., Filiberto, J., Treiman, A.H. and Trang, D., 2020. Experimental investigation of oxidation of pyroxene and basalt: Implications for spectroscopic analyses of the surface of Venus and the ages of lava flows. The Planetary Science Journal, 1(1), p.21.

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Twitter Account: cutler_kyra