Laura A Stevens

Research Interests

I am interested in figuring out how ice sheets flow and fall apart. Understanding ice sheet dynamics on Earth is critical for the prediction of past and future global ice volumes, which have direct implications for global sea level. At present, the question that drives our research is: How does ice-sheet melting modulate ice-sheet flow? To approach this question, we pair geophysical, atmospheric, and oceanographic observations with time-dependent inverse methods and computational modeling. We investigate Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet, ice shelf, and outlet glacier flow dynamics to better understand the physical mechanisms that destabilize ice sheets with increased surface meltwater production in our warming climate. For a list of past/current research projects and publications from the group, please check out my Earth Sciences faculty website.

Qualifications & Experience

Ph.D. in Geophysics from the MIT/WHOI Joint Program; Teaching in all four years of the MSc in Earth Sciences; Supervision of 0.5 Earth Sciences DPhil students; Deputy Director of Graduate Studies in the Earth Sciences department.


Personal Research Keywords

glaciology, ice sheets, ice shelves, hydrology, supraglacial lakes, ice-ocean interactions