Laura Cimoli

Summary of D.Phil/MSc research

During my D.Phil, I have investigated the dynamics of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, i.e. a large-scale, pole-to-pole overturning cell connecting the dense waters formed in the North Atlantic with the Southern Ocean. My D.Phil research focused on turbulent mixing, a small-scale process with important global implications. Through turbulent mixing, dense waters can return back to the surface, "closing" the overturning circulation.

Current Research/employment

I am a physical oceanographer and my research focuses on the dynamics and variability of the deep ocean circulation and how it contributes to the regulation of our climate. In particular, I use available ocean observations to better understand the oceanic uptake, transport, and sequestration of natural and anthropogenic tracers, such as anthropogenic carbon, oxygen, and nutrients.

Was your D.Phil relevant to what you are doing now?