Marcus Buechel

Academic Profile

I obtained a First Class Honours degree for an integrated Master's Degree at Durham University. For my dissertation I looked into how structures on floodplains were represented in a 2D flood inundation model, and how this would influence outputted results. I then undertook a pivoting analysis to understand bedrock river morphology and alluvial cover influence on gravel entrainment. Within the geography department at Durham I also investigated loess landslides and geomorphological indicators which could determine their age when utilising satellite imagery.


W.A. Moyes Prize (2017) for exemplary fieldwork

Best MSci Graduate (2018)

Vice-Chancellor's Academic Excellence Scholarship (2017-2018)

Current Research

Currently interested in fluvial geomorphology and the influence of climate change upon future flooding events globally. I'm also looking into the quantification of Natural Flood Management within the UK on a watershed scale. I have an active interest in the development of Hydro-JULES.


Publications to follow