Matthew Langton

Research Interests

Our group specialises in supramolecular and coordination chemistry: utilising non-covalent interactions between molecules to engineer functional molecular systems. We utilise in particular optical/fluorescence techniques to investigate molecular assembly, which lends itself to developing sensors for detecting a wide range of biological and environmentally relevant analytes, such as phosphates, nitrates and halides. In a complementary research theme we also explore how to control molecular processes at cell membrane interfaces using synthetic nanotechnology, including developing novel molecular transporters, catalysts and sensors. The details of any DPhil project would be defined in discussion with the student, but would include a combination of synthetic chemistry and spectroscopic imaging techniques to develop novel supramolecular sensory systems.


Qualifications and Experience

MChem, DPhil (Oxf), MRSC.

Personal Research Keywords

Sensors, optics, molecular recognition, membranes, supramolecular