Natalie Duffus

Academic Profile

My background is in conservation, having studied for a BSc in conservation biology at the University of Aberdeen. There, I wrote my final year thesis titled “Current conservation policies in the UK and Ireland overlook endangered insects and are taxonomically biased towards Lepidoptera “ and graduated with the Professor Ian Alexander Prize for outstanding performance in conservation biology. During my final year in Aberdeen, I also wrote and published my first paper. This highlighted the positive contributions of insects to human culture, in the face of the overall neglect for insect conservation. Previously, I have also undertaken field work in both Scotland and Honduras, developing skills in biodiversity survey techniques.

Current Research

Over the course of my DPhil, I aim to research legislation, policies, and other legal mechanisms for biodiversity conservation and analyse their effectiveness for global insect conservation goals.


Duffus, N.E.; Christie, C.R.; Morimoto, J. Insect Cultural Services: How Insects Have Changed Our Lives and How Can We Do Better for Them. Insects 2021, 12, 377.

Contact information

Orchid ID:  0000-0001-7126-4909

Twitter Account:  @NatDuffus