Nicholas Gabriel

Academic Profile

I am a BA Geography graduate from Brasenose College, University of Oxford, and was awarded an exhibition scholarship from 2019-22. My research interests focus on the environmental and climatic impacts of desert dust emissions, sand dune dynamics and surface processes on Earth and other planetary bodies. During my bachelor's, I interned as a researcher at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where I developed an independent project to quantify the presence and evolution of low-albedo surface features, associated with the defrosting of the carbon dioxide ice cap, during Mars’ southern hemisphere spring. I am currently in receipt of the Mortimer May Senior Scholarship from Hertford College, which partially funds my D.Phil. Outside of academia, I have gained work experience in environmental consultancy, renewable energy and weather forecast modelling.

Current Research

My D.Phil project aims to constrain the relationship between the optical properties of atmospheric dust aerosols and climate forcing. My research will use a blend of remote sensing, fieldwork, and computer modelling to explore the impact of mineral dust aerosols on radiative forcing over source regions in Southern Africa. Over the course of the D.Phil, I will be a member of the Landscape Dynamics Research Cluster in the School of Geography and the Environment.