Noam Vogt-Vincent

Academic Profile

While studying Earth Sciences as an undergraduate, I became particularly interested in oceanography and carried out research on the dynamics of the Beaufort Gyre in the Arctic Ocean for my final year project and North Atlantic palaeoceanography at Heidelberg University, Germany. I was then introduced to marine biophysics through an internship at OIST, Japan, where I investigated the palaeoceanography of the East China Sea and consequences for coral habitability. I particularly enjoyed this project and I am really interested in the interaction of physical ocean processes with coral reef systems, which is what I’m intending to research over the coming years. I am also interested in learning more about ocean conservation and management.


-          Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Summer Program Fellowship (2020)

-          Shell Prize for the Best Overall Performance in the Final Honours School in Earth Sciences, Part B (2019)

-          Burdett-Coutts Prize for the Best Overall Performance in the Final Honours School in Earth Sciences, Part A (2018)

-          Laidlaw Scholarship (2018)


Current Research

Biophysical dispersal around deep-water ocean islands

I am currently setting up a series of ocean models to investigate dispersal processes (in relation to coral larvae and marine debris) at regional and local scales, with a focus on deep-water ocean islands. Later, I intend to investigate the lagoonal hydrodynamics of Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles to improve our understanding of the spatial and temporal variability of the hydrography of this unusual and important atoll.


Vogt‐Vincent, N. S., & Mitarai, S. (2020). A persistent Kuroshio in the glacial East China Sea and implications for coral paleobiogeography. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 35.

Vogt-Vincent, N., Lippold, J., Kaboth-Bahr, S., Blaser, P. (2020). Ice-rafted debris as a source of non-conservative behaviour for the εNd palaeotracer: insights from a simple model. Geo-Mar Lett, 40, 325–340.


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