Owen Lewis

Research Interests

Research in my group focuses on the factors maintaining and threatening biodiversity in terrestrial ecosystems, and the consequences of global change for ecosystem functions and services. We carry out mostly field-based research (often involving field experiments) in a variety of ecosystems, with a special interest in tropical rainforests, insects, and species interactions.

There is potential for a wide range of doctoral projects under my supervision, often linked to ongoing externally-funded research projects.

Potential project areas where I am currently keen to recruit students include:
- Resilience of rainforest insect food webs to global change
- Understanding the impacts of invasive plants on rainforest regeneration in Anjouan, Comoros
- Sensitivity of insect-mediated ecosystem services to climate change in tropical forests

I am also open to co-development of DPhil projects which are relevant to my areas of expertise, and enjoy co-supervising DPhil students in collaboration with colleagues from within the University and elsewhere.

Qualifications and Experience

PhD, Tutorial Fellow Brasenose College. 20 years of PhD supervision experience.

Personal Research Keywords

ecology, conservation, insects, biodiversity, tropical forest, community