Paris Jaggers

Academic Profile

Having graduated from Oxford in Biological Sciences in 2019, I joined the NERC Environmental Research DTP in the same year and am now working towards my DPhil in the Zoology Department. During my undergraduate degree, I studied social influence in rhesus macaques for my dissertation, and spent a summer working at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge investigating the role of a neuropeptide in C. elegans behaviour. I remain interested in broad questions of animal behaviour and am now studying the movement patterns of seabirds.

Current Research

I study individual differences in space use and movement behaviour in pelagic seabirds, under the supervision of Tim Guilford in the OxNav Group. Investigating space use offers a fascinating view of how individuals vary in a number of ecological behaviours, including foraging decisions and consistency in site use, as well as the opportunity to examine the role of learning and fixed behaviour patterns in navigation and migration. Focussing on Manx shearwaters, Puffinus puffinus, I will use GPS, GLS and other tracking equipment to quantify the extent of individual variation in a number of metrics of spatial behaviour, and to look at its implications at the population level.


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